I Feel Alive

I feel alive are the inspiring words to a song called “God’s Great Dance Floor” by Chris Tomlin. This song truly represents not only what I am feeling but what I believe.

I feel alive because I am breaking free from the barriers of perfectionism. I feel alive because I am becoming comfortable with my imperfections. I feel alive because I do not have to fit someone’s else’s ideal and standard. I feel alive because God Loves me in ways I cannot image. I feel alive because I can share my challenges and inspire others. I feel alive because God’s  Love keeps we safe while I am jumping of a cliff and embracing my imperfections.

Today my boss text me and informed me an y team that we will have a paid day off next week. I was so excited that I posted this photo clip below. It was a first taste of embracing my imperfections and being really free because I did not look perfect by my standards. I was so full of joy and feeling alive that I did not care.

My question is do you feel truly alive? If you do that is amazing! If not then what is stopping you?