Thankful for the Power of Words

IMG_2589I thankful for the power of encouraging, life-giving words. The saying goes “sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you,” that is a lie. We remember hurtful words and we remember kind words, yet the hurtful words often over power the kind words. There are gifted people in this world today, walking around believing they are worthless, not good enough, or a failure. On the other hand, there are gifted people walking around knowing that they are loved, worthy, and significant, because of the words spoken to them and what they chose to believe.

I am thankful for encouraging words, and quotes that encourage people to overcome the lies they have been told. I thankful for people who have overcome emotional pain and written books to inspire others. I love to encourage others and I thankful for this gift. I thankful to see the face of a person light up when I give them words of encouragement or tell them how beautiful they are. I love to see a person’s demeanor soften when kind words are spoken to them. As weird as it might sound, I love to see the tears fall from a person who hears words of love for the first time because their tears mean they realize they have finally been accepted.

I thankful for websites like Pintrest where you can find thousand upon thousands of encouraging words. I thankful when I look through my Facebook or Instagram feed in the morning and people are praying for an amazing day or sharing inspiring quotes.

However, most importantly I am thankful for the Word of God, the Bible. That is life-giving to me. As a daughter of God I am reminded of His promises, His enduring love, His, protection, His guidance, His wisdom, and his special love for me. God’s word keeps me and for that I am thankful.

I Feel Alive

I feel alive are the inspiring words to a song called “God’s Great Dance Floor” by Chris Tomlin. This song truly represents not only what I am feeling but what I believe.

I feel alive because I am breaking free from the barriers of perfectionism. I feel alive because I am becoming comfortable with my imperfections. I feel alive because I do not have to fit someone’s else’s ideal and standard. I feel alive because God Loves me in ways I cannot image. I feel alive because I can share my challenges and inspire others. I feel alive because God’s  Love keeps we safe while I am jumping of a cliff and embracing my imperfections.

Today my boss text me and informed me an y team that we will have a paid day off next week. I was so excited that I posted this photo clip below. It was a first taste of embracing my imperfections and being really free because I did not look perfect by my standards. I was so full of joy and feeling alive that I did not care.

My question is do you feel truly alive? If you do that is amazing! If not then what is stopping you?